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One Day Makeover


Do you want to freshen up your home, but don't want to make any major changes or buy new furniture? Are you moving and don't want to invest in new items for your current home?


Then a one-day makeover is a good fit for you! Our team will use what you already own to rearrange and give your home a fresh look! We will also provide you with recommendations on items to purchase and changes to make to get the look you are wanting for your home.

The process starts with an initial phone call to discuss your project and book your appointment.

Our Ten Step Design Process


Step 1: Free 30 minute Phone Consultation 


Step 2: On-site Consultation


Step 3: Designer-Client Agreement


Step 4: Design Development


Step 5: Design Presentation


Step 6: Construction Documentation and Administration


Step 7: Construction


Step 8: Installation Day


Step 9: Final Walk-through


Step 10: Follow-up Phone Call




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